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Katy Perry covered her ample see thru cleavage in flowers at Coachella

04.13.2015by: Droz

When you're a rich and famous person at Coachella and get tired of mixing with the dusty, sweaty masses crowded around the stage for the show, you can always abscond to one of the many corporate sponsored house party events happening on the outskirts of the festival. That's what Katy Perry wound up doing at the Bacardi-sponsored Soho Desert House. Of course Katy being Katy, there had to be some titty action involved. Thus this flowery see thru number bringing us some fantastic views of her amazing cleavage. I gotta wonder how people at a party with Katy manage to mingle with her looking like this. How do you keep eye contact in such a situation? Or not totally lose track of the conversation? Wearing an outfit like that to what's supposed to be a regular social soirée is kind of mean, if you think about it. You can't have a normal conversation with Katy while her tits are essentially exploding in your face. Her boobs become the elephant in the room you're obliged to ignore, despite the urges of your gonads screaming out for a prolonged, unblinking eyeful of her mouth-watering cleavage. Fortunately we don't have to worry about such conflicts around here. Feel free to gawk at will.

Source: NSFW


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