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Katy Perry could have used a little help blowing out her candles

10.28.2016by: Droz

It was Katy Perry's 32nd birthday the other day. And in the usual tradition, Katy and some friends decided to have a little cake and ice cream to mark the occasion. Of course we know quite well from years of previous experience, how much of a tradition it is for Katy to bring maximum boobage to most anything she does. Thus the little lacy see thru number she wore to her party, which really began to pay off for the rest of us when she went in to blow out her candles. So nice of Katy to give us all a gift on her special day. Another year has passed in the life of one of our favorite boobies icons. Yet she remains ever devoted to the principle of making them huge beauties available for our viewing pleasure. Don't ever grow out of that, Katy. Happy belated birthday!

Extra Tidbit: Where was Orlando?
Source: NSFW


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