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Katy Perry cheers up cancer patients by wearing her leather with just a touch of lace

04.14.2016by: Droz

It was real nice of Katy Perry to get dressed up all sexy with her leather and lace dress for this cancer center event thing. However, if the pop icon and terrific titty owner really wanted to help out some cancer patients, she'd take her tight dress bod over to the actual cancer ward. I'm sure if I was laid up in hospital with some shitty cancer diagnosis, getting a close up, in person view of Katy and her two best friends would give me reason to keep up the fight. Whatever the occasion, I'm just glad to see Katy not looking completely off-the-wall batshit. Did you see her at the CMAs a few weeks back? Oh Katy, I know you're inclined toward weird attire, but the space trucker waitress look was never going to do you or anyone any favors.

Katy Perry 2016 CMAs
Source: NSFW


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