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Katy Perry channeled Dame Edna, got felt up by Miley at the Grammys

02.09.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Changing her hair color into something that reminded me way too much of Dame Edna, that seminal Australian drag queen with the rhinestone cat's glasses and purple wig, Katy Perry still managed to look fairly delectable. Most notably, this occurred when the paps' flashes turned her see-through sequined dress into a peep show so that her Taylor Swift-inspired granny panties were on display. Another subtle knock at Tay-Tay, perhaps? Clearly Perry doesn't have any issues hanging out with other pop stars, as she was seen doing a big of a boobie-mush against Nicki Minaj and later had her assets pointed out for the cameras when Miley Cyrus held a hand up with an unspoken, "I wish my tits were this big, y'all!" Katy did us all proud when she put Miley just as on the spot and gave her best unimpressed face. Too bad we end up seeing Cyrus' bare boobs as frequently as we wish we were seeing Perry's.
Source: Pop Sugar


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