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Katy Perry at Super Bowl Halftime was about as Katy Perry as you'd expect

02.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I should note that I didn't watch either Super Bowl or its halftime show because I was working at the day job and I left those responsibilities to those who decided they needed the day off to do so. I've caught a bit of the festivities after the fact now and I'm both not all that surprised and sorta shocked that there wasn't more cheekiness in Katy Perry's performance. The worse that people have been able to point out is the supposedly (very) subtle jab at her pop music rival, Taylor Swift, because the backup dancers were wearing high waisted bikinis as Swift has been known to do. So what? Perry's been known for them too, from the first incarnation of her career as Not One of the Boys, with her retro fashion. Just because she moved on to the more popular fan favorite attire of short rubber dresses and skirts doesn't mean that she can't still have an affinity for those types of swimsuits. Anyhoo... I'm not exactly sure how Missy Elliot was the person who was supposed to melt my face off, as was promised during Perry's press conference, and Lenny Kravitz seemed to have been dialed in for half a second. Other than that, lots of Katy legs and well, not enough Katy cleavage went down. Drinking before I tuned into the videos of the show might have helped with my dissatisfaction, I guess.
Source: Daily Mail


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