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Katrina Bowden sheds much of her clothes for a Nathan Johnson shoot

05.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

Katrina Bowden is joining the ranks of celebrity hotties turned business savvy health guru's, who've traded in being a full time actress for touting healthy lifestyle products/regimens. Like Jessica Alba, Katrina is a fellow thespian of considerable beauty and limited range, appropriating the spoils of fame to facilitate her transition into a champion of commerce. Unlike Jessica Alba, Katrina is a straight shooter, using non-fraudulent marketing techniques and resisting the urge to make false claims in order to faster grow the business into a billion dollar empire. She's turning her name into a brand, one that say's: you too can be healthy. But you have to enter that mindset with reasonable expectations. All of the kale in the world won't transform you into the vision of splendor you see in these photos. Until the day comes when she figures out a way to make every women into one as fine as herself, Katrine Bowden won't become a member of the Tres Comas Club any time soon.

Source: Nathan Johnson


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