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Katrina Bowden is the world's sexiest custodian

08.19.2015by: No Cool Handle

I never tire of photos of Katrina Bowden. I really appreciate it when beauties like her never forget the cardinal rule - always dress hot. So, I'd like to just give a very sincere thank you to miss Bowden; not only for making an effort to make our home world a little cleaner, but also, for deciding to wear a tank top and short shorts while you do it. You seem to really want to help. I only say that because if it was me, I wouldn't be able to put on a smile that bright while doing charitable duties. Sure I'd do them, but there's no way I could fake being that pleased about it. If there was a magazine for janitors and general up-keepers named custodian quarterly, you would be on the cover page of every issue. Next time, when you're collecting cans in the back alleys of Beverly Hills - can you take it up a notch and wear your short shorts with a bikini top?

Source: celebrity hive


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