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Katrina Bowden is nourishment for the eyes

05.04.2017by: No Cool Handle

If the whole scream queen racket isn't enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle – she hasn't had an indie horror hit for some time – at least there is a career as spandex-clad fitness paragon for Katrina Bowden to fall back on. It'd be nice if she could find a way to combine the two professions, playing a hapless social media fitness guru who's targeted for death by a demon made of kale and soy beans. It's ironic: the very food she uses to nourish her body manifests as a malicious entity sent to bring about her doom – something akin to the way Stephen King was killed by an alien-plant life-form in CREEPSHOW. Until someone casts her in the role she was born to play, Katrina Bowden will continually fill her social media accounts with workout photos. I'm perfectly okay with that; Ms. Bowden's finely tuned figure, decked out in spandex, provides plenty of essential nutrients for the eyes.

Source: Instagram


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