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Katrina Bowden finds her center by hanging her ass out of a tiny bikini

03.01.2016by: Droz

I would imagine it's pretty easy to find one's center when you're attempting to do so at some posh tropical resort with the neat little jungle paths and plush accommodations. Centering yourself is a little more of a challenge when doing so in a traffic clogged, drought stricken, overdeveloped suburban downer like the one I currently call home. No worries. That's what the booze is for. Anyway, someone with a bangable body like Katrina Bowden should already know where her center is. Let me clue her in - it's right at the midway point between her petite rack and cute little butt, which is the epicenter out from which most of my views of Katrina radiate. I'm no expert in meditation, but Katrina keeping those key parts of herself consistently dressed in something minimal or less is a great way help the rest of us find our centers.

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