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Katrina Bowden demonstrates her perfect squatting skills

06.02.2016by: Droz

No, this isn't about Katrina Bowden showing us how she illegally co-opts private property. This is Katrina showing us how she keeps her hot body in it's perpetual state of hotness. I see a lot of hotties paying special attention to the growing of the girth in their asses lately. Squats and other glute-emphasis workouts are all the rage for women of a typically lighter complexion who might not have a genetic propensity toward ass girth. I approve of this trend, specifically Katrina's willingness to demonstrate how adept she is at it. I'm too lazy to investigate exactly why Katrina felt the need to demonstrate her reverse cowgirl skills, but a brief scan of her Instagram page shows how well it's working for her.

Katrina Bowden bikini Instagram

Source: Superior Pics


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