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Katrina Bowden is all legs at the premier of Public Morals

08.06.2015by: No Cool Handle

Katrina Bowden is the indie-horror movie actress for this generation. She's appeared in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Piranha 3DD and Nurse 3-D. Like the scream queens from the golden age of low budget horror (the late 70s early 80s) she's pretty and has just enough talent to remember most of her lines. What differentiates her though is her unwillingness to do exploitive nude/sex scenes (okay we've gotten like one ass shot from a distance). Looking at these photos reminds me of what a damn shame that is. If the rest of her parts look as perfect as her toned stems, they might make the mediocre movies she appears in more memorable. Hopefully one day when she is breaching her mid-30s she'll wake up, look in the mirror and say to herself, "if I was ever going to bare all, now's the time." Then we'll all get to enjoy glorious full frontal scenes while watching Zombeavers 12.

Source: celeb mafia


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