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Katie Holmes looks ready to return to Camelot

01.20.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Looks like Katie Holmes is taking on the role of Jackie Kennedy again, only this time she's morphed into the luscious Jackie Onassis in the upcoming mini-series, The Kennedys After Camelot. The first time that Holmes was in the pillbox hats was back in 2011 for the original mini-series, which was ravaged by critics and mostly avoided by viewers, but that doesn't look like it stopped Reelz from making this new installment, because everyone's grandma has to have something to watch when CBS goes into reruns, I suppose. I think that Katie looks the most like the original Jackie, far more than Natalie Portman, who recently took on the former first lady in the movie JACKIE. I especially loved seeing Katie smiling happily at the Winter TCAs for the miniseries, although it was tempered by the sadness I had for how Matthew Perry has turned into a hound dog of a man in his later years. I think we need to start talking more about how these men are aging so shittily instead of commenting on the ladies so much. Hell, if Holmes had deteriorated as badly as Matt, she wouldn't be able to book a job and that doesn't seem fair at all, now does it?
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