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Katie Holmes had a lot gorgeous glamour at the All We Had premiere in NYC

12.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I find myself wishing that Katie Holmes had never gotten involved with Tom Cruise. I'm sure she doesn't, considering that she was in love with the guy and got a beautiful daughter out of the relationship, but I kinda hate that she was onto something reaching for special when he came along into her life. I remember thinking that she was brave for going topless in THE GIFT, when people were still thinking of her as being little Joey from Dawson's Creek and she was angling for that brilliant actress gig with roles in awesome indies such as PIECES OF APRIL. And now she's forever tied to Cruise and his association with that stupid cult and everything she touches will somehow relate to her involvement with him. We should be celebrating and making a big fuss about the fact that ALL WE HAD is her directorial debut and instead I hear murmurs from shitheads about how she wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to direct if it weren't for having been married to Tom Cruise and getting his A-lister connections. Bullshit. I think she would have done it on her own, but now we'll never know. She is looking more and more amazing the longer time stretches on without him, though.
Source: Daily Mail


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