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Katie Findlay is a sunny face we'd love to see more of

01.05.2017by: Cherry Liquor
If you were like me and got sucked into watching The Killing because you wanted to figure out what happened to the beautiful girl at the center of the mystery, here's little Rosie all safe and sound and hitting the red carpet for the 12th season premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (Seriously, it's been 12 seasons? Taxi only got 5 and I'd give my right tit to have had 12 of that show instead. I mean, I like IASIP, but come on!) Jay Baruchel has a huge shit eating grin on his face because he knows he's lucky to be with the gorgeous Katie Findlay, a new face here on Hotties, although if she appeared at more events or in magazines, I would have been featuring the hell out of her a lot sooner. She's been kicking around television for a bit now, being featured in other shows such as The Carrie Diaries and How to Get Away With Murder, but I have to note that you might want to queue up the unseemingly titled movie PREMATURE, which I stumbled onto over at NetFlix late one night and ended up being pleasantly entertained by (Alan Tudyk can get me to watch anything, which isn't always a good thing). Since she has a role on Baruchel's show, Man Seeking Woman, perhaps this red carpet cuddling is more platonic, but I hope it's not. I'll support anything that will get Katie more coverage.
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