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Katie Cassidy shows off her flat tummy for Tomboy KC

10.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

In case you ever wondered what it would be like to get "the look" from super sexy and slender Katie Cassidy, you need only check out her latest photo shoot for Tomboy KC. What look? That's the best part... any look you want. That versatile glance she's directing right into the lens could suggest any number of things. She could be propositioning you with a night of unimaginable pleasures, asking you a provocative question – for example: Do you like what you see(?) – or, just giving you the old come-hither look. And when you're done thinking about all the things that glance says to you, her hypnotic belly is there for your viewing pleasure. That flat midriff is definitely one of Katie's greatest assets and photographer Chris Brown wisely composes his shots for it; in almost every photo. Since Katie Cassidy's role in ARROW and THE FLASH has been relegated to special guest appearances, I hope she pursues her modeling career more aggressively. The camera loves her, and so do we.

Source: Tomboy KC


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