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Katie Cassidy returns to her life's 2nd passion, wearing a bikini in Miami

04.20.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Whether or not you watch Katie Cassidy on "Arrow," the actress tends to make sure that you're paying attention to her by frolicking about Miami beaches in skimpy bikinis. There's that time back in December when she had the flowery bikini, that other time in December when she put on the leather topped bikini, and of course May of last year and then again April of last year making it 5 good posts of Black Canary in a bikini. That's one aspect I've missed when I gave up watching the CW superhero show. Apparently Katie's character has taken on the role of the masked hottie when she's not working as a lawyer. The upside to the upgrade in her role is that she's clearly gained some muscle to make the transition more plausible. There was a point when Cassidy's already petite frame veered too close to bony and it's really nice to see her clearly taking better care of herself. 
Source: Daily Mail


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