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Katie Cassidy is unmistakably feminine for her Tomboy KC shoot

05.12.2017by: No Cool Handle

A "tomboy" is generally defined as a woman who exhibits male characteristics and behaviors – a word I would never use to describe an extremely feminine hottie like Katie Cassidy. Every image she has appeared in so unmistakably girly, pheromones travel through broadband connections and emit from the pores displays used for Internet browsing; those same digital images which are normally comprised of zeros and ones are instead encoded with countless X chromosomes. Nevertheless, here we find the CW starlet working against type in a photo shoot for Tomboy KC, her bevy of feminine features on full display as she poses in a little red bikini, neither looking nor acting in a way that resembles the opposite sex. I'm sure there are guys who sunbathe in bikinis and coddle furry white kittens, but I think that has more to do with their inverted gender identity than it does Katie Cassidy's.

Source: Tomboy KC


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