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Katie Cassidy's bra might get your attention

09.15.2015by: No Cool Handle

It did mine. I usually bypass a lot of her candids, and even most of her photo shoots because they're surprisingly uneventful. Or maybe it's because only recently I've sought her out. It's not that I don't think she's hot because, in spite of what some people say, I do. But I always thought she just didn't get that to stand out nowadays you can't hold least too much. Maybe that is cynical, however I just think it's a reality we all have to deal with -- gladly. There's a reason why the ones who take the philosophical approach of less is more dominate social media; I think at last that's registering with Katie Cassidy. She showed up to the Houghton Fashion Show in a top that's as sheer as sheer gets, and looked damn good. So good I think it may have brought at least one my friends to my side of the fence; one who used to insist she did absolutely nothing for him. The new season of Arrow is just around the corner and I think if they want to return the show back to it's better self, Oliver, the Black Canary and Felicity should engage in a leather clad, group balling. I know most of you would rather see the Oliver/Felicity romance nixed altogether, but let's face it, the groundwork has already been laid. All they can do at this point is spice it up by throwing Katie Cassidy into the mix.

I put a photo of her giving Felicity a smooch on the cheek (wearing leather) to help punctuate my opinion on the direction the show should take

Source: Got Celeb


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