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Katheryn Winnick was the hot blonde belle of the SDCC 2016 ball

07.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I can't be the only person who has long held a candle for Katheryn Winnick, holding out hope even as the news trickled in from Hall H over at San Diego Comic Con this year, believing that it was possible to still love Brie Larson but truly know in my heart that Winnick was the perfect Captain Marvel. Yes folks, we're settling for watching Kat continue to kick ass on her show, "Vikings," where they talked about what fans can expect when the second half of season 4 kicks off at a still as yet unknown date. With some footage revealed at the convention, fans were happy to discover that Winnick's character, Lagertha, will be coming back, after having suffered some grave injuries the last time we saw her. I'm sure it was of comfort to her co-star, who was seen cuddled up on Kat's lap while the cast hung out on the yacht IMDB put out for the convention. Come on, Marvel! This the woman who would have brought audiences to their knees like simpering babies!! (Still love Brie, though. Seriously, still love her too.)

Source: Zimbio


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