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Katheryn Winnick's blurred boobs get the cover of Spirit & Flesh Magazine

03.28.2017by: No Cool Handle

Imagine, if you will, what it would be like to have someone put enough money in front of you to make your wildest dreams come true only to burn it before your very eyes and you'll have some idea how I feel about what the folks over at Spirit and Flesh Magazine have done. Right now, as we discuss this offense against the Gods, their editors are sitting on the RAW, unprocessed photos from this shoot. What we're left with is an almost unfathomable display of Stalin-esque censorship, where the great Katheryn Winnick's beautiful chest has been sullied at the hands of some Photoshop junkie. Only until they release the un-blurred image meant for the cover can the healing process begin. Never do to a photo that which sheds a light on what could have been. Long have Winnick fans awaited but a glimpse of this shield maidens Nordic knobs, only to have our moment of victory supplanted with a moment of utter disappointment. Woe unto whomever made this soul-crushing decision.


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