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Katheryn Winnick captures attention at the Image Maker Awards

01.12.2017by: No Cool Handle

This is certainly an appropriate time for some of Katheryn Winnick's (39) everlasting hotness. (SPOILERS) Even though this season of Vikings should be commended for having the balls to shift focus onto a new generation of characters – avoiding a mistake many shows make: keeping a character like Ragnar around longer than they know what to do with him; at the risk of repetition and to the point of ruin – I think some fans feared Lagertha's demise more than her late ex-husband's. Thankfully, her execution was stayed, courtesy of Bjorn's timely return and much to the dismay of Ivar. For those who can't get enough of the voluptuous shieldmaiden, there's now cause for celebration, for this means more Katheryn Winnick in episodes to come. Thank the Gods! Before the inevitable does happen; can we pleassse get Katheryn some sexy promotional material work? The absence of tie-in pictorials throughout the series lengthy run is cause for concern.

Source: NS4W


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