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Katherine Waterston had classy cleavage at the Alien: Covenant premiere

05.05.2017by: Droz

Katherine Waterston and the rest of the principals from the forthcoming ALIEN: COVENANT movie were on hand for the big premiere last night. I know Katherine isn't one of those names we all collective lose our shit over. Her weird bowl cut thing in this movie probably isn't helping much with that. I still like her. She's got a quality, both classy but also a little sexy. Plus, as I've stated in the past, she looks awesome naked.

I get a feeling like anticipation for this new ALIEN movie is somewhat lukewarm. You guys are thinking about PROMETHEUS aren't you? Or maybe any of the ALIEN movies that have come out in the 30 years since ALIENS. You're right to be concerned. We've all been burned with shitty movies in this franchise for quite a few years now. I myself have gotten my hopes up for quite a few of those movies, only to see them dashed in terribly. Although a few of those I came to appreciate later on. I feel like recent years have been especially cruel to the ALIEN fan. Who could have thought Ridley Scott would or even could make a terrible movie in the this universe? But it happened. It's almost as though the whole prospect of xenomorph movies is cursed to failure. I can't be that defeatist about it. It may be folly, but I hold out hope for this movie. Call me crazy, but I really want to enjoy an ALIEN movie again.

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