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Katherine McNamara's little sundress makes a big impact for BFG premiere

06.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Anyone who's ever played Doom knows the acronym BFG is a reference to the most powerful weapon in the game called the "Big F**king Gun." Does Disney's use of the same acronym for their current effects extravaganza mean Big F**king Giant? – I doubt it. Probably means something more like: Big Friendly Giant, Big Funny Giant or some shit like that... Whatever gets Katherine McNamara into a TFD (Tiny F**king Dress), I say. She showed up on the red carpet wearing the singular piece of fabric displaying a lot of leg, her flowing red hair and sexy grin; all which made for quite the fantasy imagery. Fantasy imagery not even the digital effects wizards at Disney could create on the largest and most expensive of render farms. She's not exactly a "breakthrough" hottie, but there's still a large window of opportunity for her to begin getting the notoriety she deserves and accumulate many loyal followers... she's got it like that.

Source: ns4w


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