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Katherine McNamara's bare tummy was a necessity on Jungle Book's red carpet

04.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I can't get over how much Katherine McNamara glows when she's on the red carpet. It could be a side effect of whatever dye she's using to tint her naturally blonde hair that shade of red we all seem to prefer her in but I'm not really complaining. Hell, I even tried watching her show, "Shadow Hunters" just because she's that compelling of a beauty. (Not enough to keep me watching the show, sadly.) At the Hollywood premiere of Disney's latest (mostly) live action reboot, THE JUNGLE BOOK, Katherine looked like a fairy queen with her hair in intricate braids and a lacy two piece outfit that showed off a hint of her pale, taut midriff. Next up for McNamara is the dramatic thriller INDISCRETION, where it looks like she'll be playing the daughter of Mira Sorvino and Cary Elwes. 
Source: Saw First


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