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Katherine McNamara heats up Toronto with her fiery beauty

09.15.2016by: Droz

It would be really nice if someone, somewhere, could put Katherine McNamara in something I'd have an interest in seeing. I've been waiting for a production like that to come along for years now, with little to no results. You'd think someone so beautiful would be all over the place. I was even kind of hoping they'd consider her for the Mary Jane role in the upcoming rebooted reboot of a reboot SPIDER-MAN movie. If there anyone of a comparable age in Hollywood right now who could embody the traditional look of that character, it would be Katherine. But in the end they went in another direction. Fair enough. I don't have a problem with Zendaya's skin color, unlike a lot of the racists foaming at the mouth over her casting. Based solely on acting experience, I'd say Katherine and Zendaya are evenly matched. My thing is Marvel claiming they're going back to Spider-Man's roots with this new movie, but then they go a totally new direction with one of the main characters. It seems they're of two minds there, which doesn't bode well. They might have put a few loyal Spidey fans at ease by bringing in Katherine, but what can you do? Just keep waiting for Kat to get that breakout role, I guess.

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