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Katherine McNamara has some hearts and kisses for you

11.18.2015by: Droz

Redhead stunner Katherine McNamara shows us some more love with hew newest photo spread. That's a beautiful girl right there. In fact, she's pretty much the essence of many a redhead fantasy I've had over the years now come to life and blowing me kisses in thanks for thinking her into being. Katherine is fantastic to look at, which is unfortunate because I never see Kat in much of anything besides beautiful spreads like these. Sure, she was in that MAZE RUNNER sequel, but that looks about as interesting as extensive dental work. Why is it that all the women I find the most captivating never seem to show up in anything I want to watch? It's a good thing I'm not partial to conspiracy theories. Otherwise I might think someone was just toying with my affections.

Source: NSFW


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