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Katharine McPhee's short, short dress may have you wishing for a Marilyn Monroe momen

09.29.2015by: No Cool Handle

Will there ever be a time when the mere sight of Katharine McPhee doesn't set every nerve in my body ablaze? – probably not. That dress she's wearing is so short you wouldn't need more than a mouse fart to blow it right over her head. I've been so busy staring at that ass every time a new set of photos pops up, I didn't realized just how truly lovely her face is as well. This girl gives hope to all men that have passed their prime; that they may yet still relive that feeling of what it's like to land a girl still in her 20s' – she was only 23 when she married a 42-year-old Nick Cokas (now divorced). So next time you feel like a total pedophile for checking out the latest revealing photos of Selena Gomez, just remember this guys name, and don't delude yourself that you're not just the least bit jealous. I totally envy this guy and think he should be the official mascot of middle-age men everywhere. Sorry Don Draper.

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