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Katharine McPhee's hot ass makes Old Blue Eyes wish he wasn't so dead

12.03.2015by: Droz

Yep, I have to imagine The Chairman of the Board would have been pleased to add Katharine McPhee to his impressive stable of hottie conquests, had she been born 4 or 5 decades earlier. Who wouldn't want to break off a slice off Katharine? Even John Legend there was probably thinking about doing some horse trading and he's got the most exhibitionist wife there ever was waiting at home for him. Thus the power of Kat and her sexy everything. I always forget about her singing though. Her skills there are why anyone knows who she is, but being a staunch anti-American Idol person, I skipped that whole aspect of her fame. She does have some impressive pipes though, no doubt about it. If there was ever anyone who deserved to win a singing contest, it's her. Fortunately Kat didn't win and thus was free to go on to have an actual career and become the beautifully assed hottie we all know and love. See, that's the clearest testament to how shitty that show is. Anyone who dared compete successfully all the way through was awarded with eventual obscurity. You can't become synonymous with shit and expect to be America's sweetheart for long.

Source: GotCeleb


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