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Katharine McPhee's body was made for wearing tight, leather miniskirts

02.01.2017by: Droz

You know what I hate? Purses. Handbags, satchels, and any other kind of thing a woman carries her shit around in. For those of you not familiar with these hateful things, the ladies tend to sling these things around their shoulders and let them dangle down below their waist when they go out. Do you know how often doing just that sort of thing has ruined what might have been a perfectly good ass shot? I don't have the figures in front of me now, but it's a bunch. Ironically, it's purses and shit that got Katharine McPhee to this event for the daughter of Perry Ellis, who's designed her own line of purses. And as usual, some little purse that looks too small to carry much of any useful sits there dangling in front of the best part of the image, namely Katharine's ass in a tight, leather dress. Curse you purses. If only somebody could find a way to make backpacks fashionable.

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