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Katharine McPhee was all legs & sideboob at Monte Carlo Television Festival

06.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I've finally figured out why I like "Scorpion" so much. Someone recently told me it's basically "The A-Team" but with more brains. I don't know if that's entirely right partly because I never watched the '80's show and partly because "Scorpion" is stupid as shit every single week but I know I adore me some Katharine McPhee no matter what. Kat was on hand for the 56th Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival with her co-star and boyfriend, Elyes Gabel, showing off some of the bit we love best about her - those legs in the arrival pics and some of that cleavage & sideboob in the classy manner that McPhee does best. Whenever I see that dude's name, I imagine it's pronounced "Hell Yes!" since he gets the pleasure of keeping Katharine's company but I also won't lie... as "average" as Gabel looks, he has that certain something that makes me believe that she's getting as good as she's giving.
Source: Daily Mail


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