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Katharine McPhee volunteers her time as a sexy, leggy hottie

10.26.2015by: Droz

While we're devoting so much of October praising all the goodness inherent in that slice of curvy goodness known by the name Katharine McPhee, it only behooves us to praise her for all her volunteerism. I'm not sure Katharine had much to do with the volunteering at this event for LA food banks. It looks to me like her main focus here was to show off them gams of hers. That counts though. She's volunteering to let us drool over her exquisite body and all the great things thereon. Unfortunately, her now legendary butt was mostly obscured under that skimpy little...whatever that is she's wearing. However, there's enough visible here for us all to appreciate a woman of her caliber who devotes so much of her time to the cause of getting us hot with her sexy everything. What a selfless person she is.

Source: NSFW


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