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Katharine McPhee takes care of her valets

08.24.2016by: Droz

I've never been a valet anywhere, so I can't honestly comment on the kind of job it is. I've heard some horror stories and a few fond recollections. I suppose it depends on the place you work for and what kind of clientele you service. Working at an exclusive place like Craig's restaurant in LA probably has its perks. Lots of famous people come there, many with deep pockets full of cash for valets who keep their expensive rides safe. Then you got ladies like Katharine McPhee, who represent a reward all of their own. Check her out, already with gratuity in hand before she's even stepped off the curb. There's a model client for a valet if there ever was one. Even if she was stingy with the tips, I still think I'd feel rewarded just being that close to the lovely lass in her leggy, low cut dress. Butterflies and starry eyes are just as good as a folded up finski, right?

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