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Katharine McPhee shows off her toned abs, lean legs at AOL Build Series

04.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Katharine McPhee certainly knows how to play to her strong suits. Just yesterday we saw pictures of herleaving the Beverly Glen wearing her signature short skirt, bared midriff combo to amazing results. Fast forward a few days and McPhee was back at it again, this time in New York City for the AOL Build Series where she paired a knee length skirt with another midriff baring top. I'm not sure I'm loving the blonde hair but considering that it's her downtime between filming seasons of "Scorpion," my guess is that we'll only see these lighter locks for summer before production resumes again in August. As for the legs and tummy, I'm hoping they'll continue to be around for much, much longer.
Source: Daily Mail


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