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Katharine McPhee shows off her puppies on the beach

03.29.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I can't believe there are people complaining that Katharine McPhee has gained about 5 pounds. Lately the actress has been looking a little fuller figured, perhaps because her chest seemed to jump up a couple of bra sizes and you can't exactly exercise hard if you're recovering from surgery, if that's the source of the increase. (For a comparison, look at summer of last year, when she was seen filming with a less full bra.) McPhee has been open about her ongoing issues from a eating disorder she developed after being criticized for her weight and told she wouldn't be able to book roles unless she slimmed down. And that was when she was still going after musical stage plays, the very arena I would think it wouldn't matter if she was skewed to the right of average. When that extra weight goes to the ass & tits, shouldn't the beholders of the feminine ideal body be ecstatic? Or would you prefer even more "She needs a sandwich!" comments in your daily feed? (And I think it's funny we call it a feed, since feasting on vitriol is just so damn engorging.)


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