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Katharine McPhee reminds us of one reason to be grateful for American Idol

04.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

After a 15 season run, a little show called American Idol has yet to produce a single Idol. Yes, that's a matter of opinion. Did it help some decent voices and likeable personalities launch lucrative singing careers(?), sure. However, the show's greatest discovery was, and still is, the ultra fine Katharine McPhee; a true American Idol, just not in the intended sense. Her astounding beauty will be revered long after the show responsible for introducing her to the world fades from memory, a true stand out. It seems befitting she showed her support at the grand finale by looking scorching hot in a see through mini dress. She did remember to cover the fun stuff with some deceptive, flesh colored fabric, but there was still plenty to drool over. That beautiful face, those lovely stems and that boner inducing booty were all displayed nicely. While I've never been a fan of the worlds most popular cover band search, I'm glad it was successful. Otherwise we may have never been introduced to this classic babe.

Source: NSFWGot Celeb


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