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Katharine McPhee gives us one last summer fling

09.20.2016by: Droz

I suppose we're still in summer here in the northern hemisphere, at least for a few more hours. Although you wouldn't know it was almost fall from the temps where I am. I got people swimming outside my window, blazing heat beating down on everything. Might as well still be summer. Anyway, Katharine McPhee and the event organizers around her red carpet appearance here thought it would be nice to throw something called the "Summer Spectacular Under The Stars." You're a little late, folks. Despite that, Kat's dress is certainly commensurate with what one might expect from a summer reveler. Leggy little dresses with the modest cleavage are definitely the way to go when temps are high, though I'm not sure if this is enough for Katharine. We need a lot more of her too look at, simply because all her goodness is too good to hide. But in the absence of that, I guess repeated shots of her pretty face will do.

Is it me, or does Kat sometimes look like she's putting on a happy face just to cover her desperate inner urge to be somewhere, anywhere else but where she is? I'm kinda getting that feeling from these pics. Something behind her eyes just seems to be pleading for reprieve. I don't blame her. These red carpet things look tedious to me too.

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