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Katharine McPhee needs to update her wardrobe with more butt jeans

02.23.2017by: Droz

I had to double check the credentials on these pics when I first saw them, as I wasn't aware of Katharine McPhee having quite that much happening in the butt pants area. Sure, she's always had one of the nicer asses in Hollywood, but I'm thinking Kat may have given perennial ass pants record holder Hilary Duff a run for her money with what she was packing into these faded black jeans here. That's the magic of the tight ass jeans. They seem to bring out all the booty potential you may not have known a particular hottie possessed. That there is what I love most about them. Although it's probably the exact opposite situation for many of the hotties who wear them. It amazes me how many women out there are still so paranoid about people knowing about the extent of their asses. If only they could see their big asses the way I do. They'd never tie a hoodie around their waist again.

Source: NSFW


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