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Katharine McPhee maxes out the hotness in a little black bikini

08.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor
If you've got a McPhee-ver, you're not the only one. Clearly the kid standing behind Katharine McPhee as she adjusted her bikini bottom to accommodate her bodacious booty is going to grow up with some high expectations. McPhee was on vacation down in Mexico, taking a break from filming her CBS cyber drama, "Scorpion," and she did it in the best possible way - on full display for all the long-range camera lenses to capture. Kat paddleboarded with buddies between relaxing on a lounger and getting a few drinks, making her personal life nearly as enviable as her fit and ultra-womanly body. After reading up on McPhee, I discovered that she's suffered from eating disorder issues for a number of years, having been told that she was fat and other bullshit nonsense. They always want to keep down what they fear the most. 
Source: Daily Mail


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