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Katharine McPhee makes another play for the title of butt jeans queen

03.14.2017by: Droz

I have a dream that Katharine McPhee and Hilary Duff will meet somewhere while enjoying their seemingly ample amounts of free time to just wander about LA having brunch and conversing with friends. At which point the two of them will find out that they get along so well that they start hanging out all the time, transforming them from separate sources of ass jeans goodness into a united force for ample ass. Then Hilary's paps would blend with Katharine's paps, producing a flood of butt jeans moments featuring the two of them walking down the street with their asses of legend packed tightly into denim. Just imagine the possibilities there. Maybe they could have a little fun with their constant entourage of cameras and bump asses. Or they could start working out together, which would produce the inevitable tight leggings moments. The possibilities of them becoming BFFs are endless. Someone please introduce these two to each other. I need this in my life.

Source: Superior Pics


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