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Katharine McPhee knows how to bring the sexy

02.15.2017by: No Cool Handle

Katharine McPhee needs more work that involves either showing off her legs; her midriff; her booty or all three. After three seasons and 65 episodes of Scorpion (on CBS), it's safe to say that the show runners are not interested in using McPhee's sex appeal to appease fans and up the ratings. If anything, she should be out there plugging the series using every tantalizing part of her anatomy she's comfortable with – and from the looks of these photos from the Grammy Awards photocall, she looks pretty damn comfortable. Why shouldn't she? Based on a stringent, up close analysis by yours truly, that body of hers is being kept in primo condition, although, one would have to check under the hood before officially certifying it. As for the parts that are showing – specifically her arms, a good portion of her chest, that beautiful face and incredible legs – Katharine McPhee gets the highest of marks.

Source: NS4W


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