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Katharine McPhee is the master of killing it at the award shows

09.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Good lord does Katharine McPhee know how to wear an evening gown. I know that she's admitted to struggling with an eating disorder, having been told to lose weight if she wanted to gain role when trying to carve out a stage career before appearing on "American Idol," but Katharine is one of those womanly types who carries those extra 10 pounds other actresses kill themselves not to have far better than should be allowed. This past weekend, the stunning brunette was seen at the Hero Dog Awards in a tight off-white dress that capitalized on her amazing rump as well as placing her girls up front and perky. She then moved on to walk the red carpet and perform at the 2016 Creative Emmy Awards, which I clearly wouldn't win one of if they were given out for thinking up new and creative ways to say "F*cking WOW!" about her stunning physique. This woman just kills me, she is so seductive. I would gladly volunteer to be a victim of her stinger, that's for sure.
Source: Daily Mail


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