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Katharine McPhee is one of our favorite things to watch

05.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I can't stop watching "Scorpion." I know I shouldn't have even started in the first place, what with its implausible plots and over-the-top dramatic acting (as if the actors were all in on the joke, giving the most with tongues planted firmly in cheeks) but holy hell, it's a car crash I can't turn away from. And while she might have hooked up with Walter in real life, it's the will they/won't they between Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel that has me firmly on the hook. Well, and the Toby & Happy ship. And Robert Patrick being his grumbling, badass self. And yes, Kat is just that beautiful and sweet that I keep finding excuses for my weird attraction to the shark jumping weekly antics that compound for those wily geniuses. It's one of those shows that I think CBS figured they'd be canceling mid-season and now bank on by featuring McPhee in their June 2016 CBS Watch magazine. Because I'm apparently not the only one making excuses for my continued support. 


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