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Katharine McPhee in a denim skirt always deserves a look

06.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

Just like any good social event – i.e., a premiere, an awards show or charitable fundraiser – dog walking provides an opportunity to catch animal lovers like Katharine McPhee here looking very fine, if also looking a bit caught off guard. I can't speak to why the two dogs are absent in the majority of the pics and then randomly appear (maybe she was dropping off or picking up) but, once again, we owe celebrity pooches a modicum of gratitude for providing the ever vigil paps with an opportune moment. Without them, that shot of her denim covered ass bent over the passenger side seat may never have come to pass. Katharine McPhee's ass in denim – it hardly matters whether it's in jeans or a skirt – is a state of dress we like to always find the bootyful brunette in; catching her bending over was just the cherry on top. As per usually, when such an ass is the de facto focal point, don't forget to give those lovely stems a good look. I know... that goes without saying.

Source: NS4W


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