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Katharine McPhee & her lickable lips return to music

05.27.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I've been singing Katharine McPhee's praises long before I even realized that she was a failed contestant on "American Idol." I remember seeing her as Harmony in THE HOUSE BUNNY and thought, "Who is that seriously sexy Earth Mama character?" Even with the giant fake baby bump, I could see all the greatness in that lady. Heck, I even watch her current show, "Scorpion" just to check her out more (and because I have a slightly unhealthy attraction to Shit Brick, I won't lie). Now that McPhee is a part of a successful TV show (as you may or may not recall, she was on the critically acclaimed but viewership challenged show "Smash"), she's returning to her musical roots with a new single that sounds like something out of the era of the Prince proteges of the 1980's. The weirdness of which is compounded by the video for the song containing scenes of her dressed like a inappropriately sexy 1950's sock hop queen. So I'm confused (and I don't really like the song) but I'm in on the ride with this gorgeous gal.

Source: Just Jared


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