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Katharine McPhee gets moody for DA MAN

12.28.2016by: Droz

As the year draws to a close, we like to take a little time to post some of the things we might have missed through the course of the year. One example of this is Katharine McPhee's spread for DA MAN magazine, where the Scorpion actress got in a moody demeanor while wearing some sexy outfits. I caught an article recently about Kat, talking about how she's filming new episodes for her show with an ex-boyfriend as her costar. She obviously stays on better terms with her exes than I do. The thought of doing anything at all with one of my exes fills me with a terrible bile and a cold shiver of dread. But then again, none of my exes was anything like Katharine. If circumstances drove Kat from me, I'd probably do my best to keep friendly with her as well. You don't alienate yourself from a lovely thing like her. That's just stupid.

Source: DA MAN


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