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Katharine McPhee forgot her belt and struggled with director's chairs

07.22.2016by: Droz

Katharine McPhee was having some wardrobe trouble in a few different places yesterday. This tends to be the case when hotties try to couple short skirts with director's chairs. The two things simply aren't compatible for those who want to maintain their modesty before a crowd of press people. Fortunately Kat managed to hang on to her virtue while answering press questions. Her struggles on location for her Scorpion show were a little more persistent. That's the trouble with a set of skinny jeans. Doing a lot of bending over and struggling with giant aluminum foil balls you're attempting to throw from a trebuchet, isn't the sort of things those particular articles of clothing handle very well. Yet, once again, Katharine kept her considerable assets contained. Sorry about that. I must say, the implications of whatever is happening on her show amuse me. Scorpion is like the anti Mr. Robot, in that I'm continually astounded by the quality and attention to detail of the latter, and equally astounded by the exact opposite happening on the former.

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