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Katharine McPhee can turn a gray sidewalk into a glamorous runway

01.17.2017by: No Cool Handle

What does it take for a hottie to go from noticeable to sought after to being completely obsessed over? There are many factors, some of them being the reasons I check for Katharine McPhee content on a regular basis; because this is a woman worth living in a constant state of agonizing anticipation for. You know your dealing with an upper echelon babe when they turn something as simple as walking across the street into something beautiful. A nice skirt and a midriff-exposing crop top is one of Katharine's favorite combinations, and for good reason. All this sexy mama needs to give a set of candid photos a professional look is one of her go to outfits and a spot of makeup – and that, dear readers, is why Katharine is obsessed over by so many. It takes little effort on her part to make us yearn. I imagine if anyone was lucky enough to witness this moment unfold in the three-dimensional world, Ms. McPhee would appear to be moving in slow motion, all while you stand there in a paralyzing state of awe.

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