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Katharine McPhee was all about the sexy slits & tight butt at the CBS soiree

05.19.2015by: Droz

I was amazed when Katharine McPhee's Scorpion show managed to not tank, but actually do fairly well in the ratings and get renewed for a second season. It's just so goofy in it's execution. I'm no hacker, but even I know that most of the premises on that show are absurd, even by a layman's standards. It is a CBS show though, so maybe all the grandmas watching are hoping it will help them to discover where their internet put those knitting patterns they found through their toolbar and downloaded in virus and malware infested zip files to their dust clogged computers from 2001. Does being the defacto IT guy in my family make me sound bitter?

Whatever the reason for her show's success, I'm just glad that someone found a way to keep Katharine's sweet ass front and center. There's a woman who needs as much exposure as she can get, preferably the tight dress with the provocative slit in the side kind of exposure. Yet another woman I am so very thankful is a show off. It would be such a shame if she insisted in keeping that amazing body covered up all the time. I shudder to think of all the great butt moments we might have missed.

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