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Katharine McPhee appears with an eye-popping presentation

09.21.2015by: No Cool Handle

Bottom line: Katharine McPhee is human Viagra, a necromancer for weak, dead, fleshy appendages, the cure for the impotent, the curse for the libidinous, the holy grail of hot. If you think that's overkill, wait and see the wondrous sites that make up this American Idol runner-up. She showed up to the HBO Emmy after party wearing a black jumper that not only perfectly accentuates her high hind parts (seriously, that is a world-class ass), but also, only a thin cloth to coat the two things some baby was lucky enough to be weaned on. A flawless visage, captivating bit of side boob and boob cleft -- all featured at once -- may induce a serious case of stupefy. Think of the movie Mall Rats and what Ethan Suplee looked like while trying to see the goddamn sailboat in those old 3-D hidden image posters. That may give an accurate depiction of what you may look like while thoroughly examining the not-so-hidden-elements in these photos.

Source: NSFW


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