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Kate's Safe

05.03.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Never fear, Hudson lovers of the World! Kate Hudson is in no eminent danger, other than constantly being held up as an icon of Hollywood beauty. As if the pressure of being People magazine's recently dubbed Most Beautiful Person (amongst Halle Berry's 12th year - a record breaker - on the list) weren't enough, it appears that she gained a stalker on the set of her new movie BRIDE WARS, co-starring Anne Hathaway.

The Boston Police department arrested a 44-year-old man who was hanging around the set, apparently stalking Kate. A spokeswoman for the Boston PA announced that, "This suspect made statements to the arresting officers that indicated the individual had an unhealthy interest in Kate Hudson. As a matter of caution, we alerted her security."

The creepier part was that when the man's 2000 Civic was searched, police found 2 axes, computer equipment, flower pots, a Christmas tree and women's clothing. But even more disturbing? He also had an Elvis plate in there too. Not the whole set, but just one. I have to worry now that the "convenient installment payments" and subsequent plates will go unpaid and undelivered. Damn. Waste of a good Elvis obsession.

Extra Tidbit: Hudson got divorced before she got married. (AKA: She starred in THE DIVORCE (2003) before BRIDE WARS.)
Source: teenhollywood


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